Introducing scheduling with an automated and socialized Round Robin process

Personal scheduling for each attendee

appointer meet will reach out to every attendee individually. Every attendee has its own turn to deselect times from the given set of possible timeslots.

All attendees know at any time, whose turn it is and can remind each other to participate.

Smart algorithms detect when a person is not responding or on vacation. Attendees can then also be marked as optional or even be put on hold until they return.

It’s about deselection

To make scheduling as effective as possible, we ask every participant to deselect times on specific days where they cannot attend. By using deselection rather than selection, appointer offers a maximum of possible time slots for participants.

Deselection will be done day by day. Depending on the amount of people left in the process, smart algorithms decide about how many days have to be edited at least.

Optimizing collaborations by algorithmic ratings

With every scheduling round, attendees will be categorized based on their response time and other factors. This is an automated process for both, invited persons and appointer meet users. Every time an appointer meet user starts a new process, users will be sorted by their ratings. As long as you react quickly, chances are high for you to be the first in line next time.

Predictable scheduling time

Thanks to our learning system we will offer predictions on how long a scheduling round will take to make your planning even easier. If needed, appointer will inform you about optional blockers and their changes in your calendar. Everything happens automatically.