Effortless scheduling

appointer helps you scheduling meetings in a more timesaving manner to let you fokus on the important things

Scheduling made for busy people

appointer’s scheduling assistant enables more than just finding dates, so you and your customers can use your time efficiently.

If you like, appointer suggests an appropriate amount of available timeslots where all participants can attend. The suggestions promote flexibility and increase productive worktime with enough space between meetings or small buffers in an already full schedule.
Did you know?

Many tools set fixed appointments, without leaving a chance to adjust them.
With appointer you and your guests will be able to choose between different options, so that you never get appointments that you do not prefer.

Everything you need to have
to plan meetings worry free

“I have tested appointer to organize an afterwork event with +20 attendees. It runs very smooth andit is fasterthan other manual alternatives. I can only recommend it“
Sabela Garcia Cuesta,WeWork Labs Mangager
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Scheduling can be painful.
Stop wasting time.